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16 augustus 2013 

PowerPoint Professional [English]

PPT Solutions is a Dutch company that is completely specialized in producing professional PowerPoint-presentations. We have a team of 21 fulltime PowerPoint specialists and we work for some of the biggest companies in the Netherlands like Shell, Accenture, Sony, ING, Ahold, Heineken and also for many professional speakers.


Since we’ve started in the PowerPoint business, we’ve learned that we can deliver a lot of products with just PowerPoint. We now built intelligent templates, so our customers can produce professional PowerPoints on their own and we even go further. What a lot of people don’t know, is that it is even possible to create complex 3D-animations within PowerPoint. And the best thing about it, is that our clients can easily adjust some small details on their own, since everyone has PowerPoint on their computers nowadays. They also can easily copy these animations very simply to their new presentations.

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We always start first by developing a PowerPoint design, which is converted into a user-friendly template set. In this step we translate the corporate identity into PowerPoint and ensure optimum use of space. This base not only ensures that the presentation is consistent and clear, but also that our costumers are able to edit the presentation or add new slides themselves. We determine in advance which version of PowerPoint is used (2007, 2010 or 2013) and whether a widescreen (16: 9) or traditional (4: 3) format is needed.

Interactive startmenu

Should the company presentation given to several target groups, it may be a good solution to make the presentation interactive. This way the presentator is able to walk through the slides  on any way he wants. It is way more easy to answer questions and you can respond  immediately to new information needs of the listener. See an example of an interactive PowerPoint presentation.

In the video below, the usage of an interactive PowerPoint presentation is displayed.

Example 2: Corporate presentation Dura Vermeer

Example 3: Corporate presentation Yes Telecom

PowerPoint animations

PowerPoint animations are often used in order to clarify processes. Build the diagrams up step by step stages ensures that the listener gets information not all at once. There are endless animation styles. You can choose for some simple icons of even realistic 3D effects. We choose the style that fits in with the look, which is pursued. See some examples below:

Curious to hear what we can do for your company? Send us an e-mail at



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